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HELPING-HANDS.US website no longer opening

HELPING-HANDS.US website no longer opening
Written by Ak Sharma
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MLM helping plan website HELPING-HANDS.US is no longer opening. The people who invested money with HELPING-HANDS.US are in distress. There were already reports that the company was not paying to the people.

In particular we received two complaints from Piyush Tripathi – 8115946367 and D.P.Singh – 9792040403. They reported that their downlines are not receiving payments from quite some time. 

We tried to contact people at HELPING-HANDS.US but there was no response.

There are many such mlm ponzi scams, which are operating the market but the investors are in tizzy, when they vanish from the market. The irony is that the government and the agencies such as SEBI have not been able to crack many of such investment based ponzi schemes.

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