StockGuru India Mastermind Jailed, Wife is Already In Jail

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StockGuru India mastermind Lokeshwar dev jain was sent to jail in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. Priyanka Saraswat Jain, wife of the accused has already been jailed two days ago on same charges.

On production warrant, the local police arrested the accused of StockGuru India and brought them to police station from Tihar jail.

ASI, Om kumar, said” the accused couple defrauded people mostly of  Delhi, Bhopal, Dehradun, Jaipur, Sikkim and many other places through their chit fund offices and they had also opened their regional offices at these places ” .

People were lured into the scam business by asking them to invest 10 thousand rupees and in return they were offered 20% rate of interest every month. Every time, they changed their names, when they scammed people in the past fraud cases.

Lokeshwar dev jain and Priyanka Saraswat Jain married each other just few years ago and hatched these scam plans together. They also have two children, who are now in Ratnagiri orphanage.

Delhi police and income tax department have already seized their movable and immovable properties.

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