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To reach at a safest harbor, you must navigate right but at the right time, otherwise you will be lost in the sea.  Why to ask powerful question? Not only around you but at a regular interval ask your-self those questions which matters to your future.  Powerful and important questions will lead you to the solution to an issue or challenge at the right time and if you don’t ask, you will always be confused.

In business, outstanding players are wonderfully good at getting to the right question. It helps them reach and offers them the missing piece they need to find. And it’s continues process. In life, if you keep asking powerful questions, it will lead you to new possibilities and horizons; it will also help you see things with new perspective.

In network marketing, people who are new to MLM, ask many questions. I remember one incident; I was at the office of my previous network marketing company, where a newly joined representative asked his upline some valid questions related to the company. The upline could not reply to his questions. And on the second day, this new representative came to know that, people at the company are calling him negative. He gave an interesting answer to that, “downlines are always negative, it’s upline’s responsibility to make him positive”, he was right, and after the incident, newly joined representative left the company. Whose loss was that? He could have become a next performer in the company. Never for long leave your downlines pondering over set of questions, if you do not have answer, ask best next person available in the company.

Progress of any kind depends of questions that one must ask. This is one way of evaluating your performance.

I was reading Robin Sharma’s wonderful piece of work, whenever he is on leadership development work, he shares six set of questions with his clients.

  • What one thing- if I did it – would profoundly improve the way I work (and how I live)?
  • What needs to happen between now and the end of next 90 days for me to feel that this is the best quarter of my work and personal life? (Remember, clarity proceeds mastery.)
  • Who do I need to express appreciation to? (Make your list long.)
  • What would I like to improve, professionally and personally?
  • What could I be grateful for that I’m currently not grateful for?
  • How do I want to be remembered at my retirement party?


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