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Easy and Speedy, New way of doing Network Marketing

Written by Ak Sharma

Facebook has become the new social medium for many across the world to interact, share, express and see each other’s faces. Some estimates that by 2012, there will be 1 billion people interacting on Facebook. It has become a very important tool for the network marketers to share things with people on Facebook. I must tell you one-thing, many are doing the wrong way. I tell you how, even without thinking for a second, many are  just flooding other’s wall with messages. The person who is flooding others wall does not know that the person, whom is wants to see the link, did not even gave a glance. Why he/she did not look for a second?

Any idea, why people are not looking at your messages,  it is because already many are flooding his/her walls with endless messages. Flooding pages & groups are acceptable to an extent, but not on person’s wall. The main idea behind creation of Facebook was to share things with human relationship touch. If you really want people on Facebook to know about you opportunity, then first you let them know who you are. That can be done by sharing many things apart from your business opportunity initially. Once the person knows you are, they will them self end-up asking you about your profession. Then you will be at a better place to offer and share your business opportunity.

Things to keep in mind when you are on Facebook or on any social networking site:-

  • Never ever abuse or use slang with anyone, if you do that, other will have wrong opinion about you.
  • Always be polite and to the point.
  • If you like someone’s status update, just appreciate by liking and with few words.
  • Make a habit of updating your status with inspiring, wonderful experiences.
  • Use Facebook adverts to get instant results.

Do share your Facebook experience with us on the comment section.


To Your Success in Business & Health in Life,

 Ak Sharma
You can reach me at [email protected] or connect with me on Facebook

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