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Indian Cyber Crime Toll-free Number to Report Online Frauds

Written by Ak Sharma

Due to extra ordinary growth of internet users, the online cyber frauds have also increased like wise. Now you can report such matters at 1800 209 6789, this is the Indian cyber crime toll-free number to report online frauds. Cyber frauds are mostly done through emails, where they offer you millions of dollars and all that could be yours, if you simply deposit a small amount at some international bank account as a processing fee to release such a big amount. Online watchdogs say that mostly these frauds are run by Nigerians and the frequency have increased with every passing moment.

Recently I received an email from a close friend, asking for an urgent help in terms of lending some money because he has lost everything during a foreign trip. Now in-order to get back to India, he was asking for a small favour to deposit some money at some international bank account. After reading this email, I became worried & called him. He reply was that his email account was hacked and many of his friends have received similar emails & there is no need to get worried and everything is fine. Maybe you have received similar email in the past. A word of caution, before replying to such email, try calling your friend to know more about authenticity of such email.

The toll-free number is not working on some mobile operators, try calling from different operator.

The rate of frauds have increased many folds and regularly people are filling FIRs under cyber crime at police stations across India. Now government of India has launched a toll-free number to report cases related to online cyber crime.

Share this piece of information with your friends, before they telling you how they were scammed online.

Prevention is better than cure.

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