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Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) welcomes probe on Speak Asia

Written by Ak Sharma
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Lately many direct selling companies in India have asked government to look for a framework to regulate direct selling companies. The Direct selling industry projected at Rs 7,120 cr by 2012-13, till date there have not been a clear guidelines for the MLM companies. companies who are part of IDSA are saying that just because of these get rich quick schemes, the name of other good companies have come under questions. Most members have been part of IDSA from past 10-15 years.

In recent time on the name of investment, people have lost crores of rupees, despite that government have not formulated any regulatory body to look after direct selling companies. In the hours of crises, like in Speak Asia’s case government is taking help from SEBI and RBI.

The Speak Asia controversy has raised doubts over the modus operandi of other direct and multi-level marketing companies that have flourished in India from past 15-20 years.

Currently there are 17 companies who are part of IDSA, like Amway, Oriflame, Tupperware, etc.

The Indian Council for Research on International Economic relations (ICRIER), an autonomous non-profit research organisation, had come out with an academic report in March, 2011 on the socio-economic impact of direct selling on consumers, emphasizing the need for a policy.

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