Moneylife Foundation sends representation to PM, FM and RBI urging ban on MLM schemes

Written by Ak Sharma
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Moneylife Foundation urges the PM and others to completely ban MLM companies in India or bring these companies under the regulation of either RBI or SEBI.

From past few years we have seen MLM scams at a regular interval, the scamster comes in disguise with get rich quick schemes. Kanakdhara, GoldQuest, StockGuru India and many such companies have swindled crores of rupees out of India. It’s not only loss of people’s money but legal hassles people face after company’s exit. Things have reached to a situation where we need a body to regulate Network Marketing in India. Such a body should study the business concept and products offered by the MLM company before they could enter into the market. This given article covered by Moneylife foundation, they have covered many issues related to Multi-level Marketing in the past. Let us know if you agree or disagree with the view-point of Moneylife.



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