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Now Star News Exposes Ram Survey Scam

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Star News has now exposed Ram Survey, this is their second scam reporting on survey scams. Earlier Star News had covered a report on Speak Asia Online. The news on Speak Asia created a lot of hue and cry among Speak Asians. After Star News many channels like Aaj Tak, CNBC etc, covered in-depth reports on online survey companies.

Ram Survey is from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. During the initial days of Ram Survey, many Speak Asians were says that it is just a copy cat of their company. During  Star News investigation, they found that like Speak Asia, Ram Survey also gives online magazine to the subscriber for that company charge Rs.3500.

People involved with survey companies are questioning the legitimacy of such news. What ever maybe the report, now it is time for  government must step in to check the modus operandi of survey based companies.

In the month of April, we had warned people about Ram Survey. click here

Now despite such warning many invested into survey based companies. Company’s office of Lucknow is closed. Some panelist have already logged an FIR against Ram Survey.


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