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Speak Asia Online Press Conference News update

Written by Ak Sharma

In the press conference, Speak Asia did not give any clear answers to the journalist present there. Instead they were putting allegation on Star Panel, which everyone knows that it is free to join, where speaking Asia is charging money to become a panelist. During the Goa Gen X Bazar conference company had said that Airtel, Nestle, Bata, Tata, ICICI bank, ING Vysya are their clients have been proven wrong. Now they say it was a miscommunication. The conference  did not clear the doubts among the panelist.

Panelist were hoping that Speak Asia Online will present facts and figures through press release, instead it was a plain talk with journalist, more of a debate competition. We very will know that debates leads no where. Everyone was trying to prove their point instead of listening to each other .

There are few questions which are in everyone’s mind:-

1.If companies like Airtel, Nestle, Bata are not Speak Asia’s client then on whose behalf they are getting these surveys done from the panelist?

Answer: Speak Asia’s answer was that they them self are getting these surveys done to understand the market.

2. If the Speak Asia is getting these surveys done to understand the market then, how they paying to the panelist.

Answer:  On this issue, Speak Asia’s reply was that they cannot disclose any information because it is company’s business secret.

3. Will they refund the money, if the panelist does not want to continue.

Answer: Money will not be refunded to the panelist.


Conference Videos

The purpose of this conference was to clear the doubts, but instead of that company was focusing on irrelevant talk. Through our sources we received an update that Speak Asia will soon make changes to the business model.

Our advise: If you are a Speak Asian, limit your activities, don’t ask people to join. Just do the surveys and get your money back. Don’t let your uplines take you for guaranteed.


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  • Money is made through various ways in survey business. So it is wrong to say if some one never collects money means he is clear of scam . Let me explain if a survey company never collects money but instead collects data free of cast but makes money out of the data by selling it to third party or by giving their third party access to their platform to collect data for a consideration and then not sharing the profits or the money earned from an individual data’s is it self a scam don’t you think so. The only differance between speak asia and star news seem that one collects money and refunds it in three months and then shares the revenue earned through the data collected with it’s panalist and the other who do not collect any money but collects the data and makes profits out of the data and do not shara it with the source who has given the data but instead keeps profits to himself totally. Now it is up to people to understand which is a scam.

  •  I do not agree with the writer’s review… this is only the way of Star channel to earn money from Speak Asia and only for the money Star channel can spoil the life of so many (19 lac) people and also this star channel is making the 19 lac. people to be MENTALLY HARASSED, so i must say if now Speak Asia will be able to survive or may not be able to survive, i will not going advice any body in mi relation to see any of the channel of startv and  also i sure that there 19 lac. panelist will also not like to see this channel and we all don’t advice any body to see this channel.

  • maine speakasia se 2 mahine mein two lac kamaya ,hai  aur muche aur meri tem ko star news walo ki news se koi fark nahien pad raha hai hum lagatar joining laga rahe hai 

  • I am not satisfied by those companies whose concept is on investment plans;
    in compnies se bhago grahak bhago

  • speak asia ne press conference karke sabit kar diya k wo fraud nahi kar rahe. saare answers sahi aur convincing the. start news ka pol khul gaya. mujhe lagta hai ab start chaneels jaldi he band ho jayenge. indians ko star channels ka boycott kar dena chahiye jo logon ko galat information dete hain. speak asia great company hai aur chalti rahegi. 

  •  press conference was going on,at the same time before completing it,star news was showing that SpeakAsia ka POL KHUL GAYA.This was really childish presentation.They are ready to answer any govt authoarity whenever they will approach.

  • well its just a money circulation till time money circulation will run company will run after that there is the ned every money circulation compnay has its end goverment should ban these money cirulaing companies………………….we have laws about it but we are not implementing it there are amny copmanies like speak asia

  •  aaj tak has disclosed dat speak asia has announced 2 open 4 new offices in india….
    if speak asia is a fraud den why it do not have even a single panelist who can claim dat he has not got the promised money….?
    every business has its own hidden secrets…speakasia also has…
    if it will disclose everything den dere will b 1000’s of speak asia in dis world….
    if the company is fraud den whats the need of such conferences dat are being conducted…?

  •  i am not agreed with media statement…
    if they listen properly the statements and the rply of their arguments
    than they have no right to blame directly the company….

    • Dear Mr.Ashish,

      Do not over look the satement of commissionor Mr.Gupta had told that speak asia is neither proprietorship firm or a limited or a pvt ltd or partnership firm. It is just a web site, any moment the site will be vanished from the web site. Please be ware of that

  •  I do not agree with the writer’s review..I am not a member of Speak Asia…they did gave quite convincing replies to Journalists..what I did not understand was the focus of journalists…If they were trying to prove Speak Asia as a scam they failed miserably…if they wanted to disclose the style of business of SA they failed…I do know even SA was not 100% convincing but at least they proved they are here to stay !!!

  •  Well I think The co tried to clear out the doubts of the Media.Also i would say that at least Speakasia had the gutts to come out and have a Press Conference to try to clear the doubts .They have not tried to run away from the allegations.Also it will make more sense if the co can show some more proofs to clarify the matter still further. So just looking at it through Star News`s eyes will always show Speakasia at fault. SO its better to wait and watch before commenting on it more.