Star News – Speak Asia Online News report, Legitimate or a Scam?

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Star News – Speak Asia Online News report, Legitimate or a Scam.

In India we cannot call a concept a scam unless it happens and when a scam happens, no body is there to help. From past two months, most media organizations have covered news reports on Speak Asia Online and most say that it is going to be the next MLM scam, to name few, UniPay2, Stock Guru India, etc,

Now a news channel-Star News has covered Speak Asia story in-depth. Speak Asia Online has been telling people in their presentation  that they are conducting surveys of companies like ICICI bank, Nestle, ING Vyasa, but when Star News approached these companies to authenticate, they simple told Star News that  they are not getting any surveys done from Speak Asia Online, which Speak Asia claim in their business presentations also.

Agents, sorry panelist of Speak Asia Online are telling people that media is lying. Why media would be lying. They are just telling plain truth, with facts and figures. Some are saying for TRP. I don’t think so, many media organizations before 2G Scam covered stories against A Raja, rest everyone knows what happened. Media’s role is to inform people, rest it’s your choice. You decide what is right for you.

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