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Just Be Careful about online lottery frauds

Written by Ak Sharma

Just Be Careful if you have received a message about online lottery winning.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has received many complains from people. Mostly these complains are about online lottery frauds. RBI warned people that these frauds are being done by e-mails and mobile phones via SMS and in the name of winning the lottery, the dangling carrot comes with a price, where the scamster ask for some nominal fee one must pay in order to receive the transferring of large amounts of foreign exchange. If you have received any such compelling message, then do not come into their trap. If they ask you for your bank account information or passwords, etc. Do not share with them.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Jasbir Singh, regional director said that they have got complains from many organizations, institutions and individuals, the matter of complains has been about large amounts of foreign currency through frequent lottery win or received messages such as transferring of large amounts mentioned above. He also mentioned that people have recently received letterhead signed by bank’s RBI top brass forged certificate letterhead.

Singh appealed to the public that do not get trap to such messages and never share your bank account numbers, passwords, PAN number and other important information. He also said these messages about amount won in the lottery or receive money transfer or asking for processing fees in exchange for specified accounts could be a trap. If you pay any such amount then you may lose your money. According to Singh, the RBI issued guidelines to all banks that if any suspicious account activity is detected then they must inform the police. He also urged people to lodge complains to the Cyber ​​Crime Cell of the police.

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