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Speak Asia received Funds from Singapore bank

Written by Ak Sharma

Source:Press Trust Of India

New Delhi: A good news for Speak Asians. Speak Asia Online on Tuesday said it has received funds from Singapore-based United Overseas Bank, which closed the entity’s account last month.

“We wish to also inform that more than $16 million is available for use and disbursal as soon as a new account is opened and the banking partner is identified,” Speak Asia said in a statement.

“We have begun preparing for disbursal of these funds to our panelists once the strictures put by some banks on transfer and payment are withdrawn,” it said.

But it is still not clear that how this money will be distributed, a source in Speak Asia Online without naming him said that this money will be distributed among the panelist who joined after December 2010 and it will also help company to regain faith among people who joined at the last. Some part of money will also be distributed among achievers, like TVs, Mobile phones, Cars.

These funds will be distributed only among Indian Panelist, there is no news for Bangladeshi panelist.

Speak Asia Online came into limelight after Star News Coverage, and many other media houses followed there after, Speak Asia has assured its people that soon they will be out of negative issues and will soon resume business.

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  • what a neg lacy with bangladehi panelist ?what is going on ^& why like this encryption.whats our default whats our offense?we all r bangladeshi saol panelist blind on  your business & lot of faith.if saol not to continue their business with B.panelist so why send message for …. Actually we request with earnest what & which decision saol made for bangladeshi panelist.urgent reply…thanks