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Speak Asia launched online shopping portal for panelist

Written by Ak Sharma

At last Speak Asia, Singapore based company Speak Asia Online launched an online shopping portal for their panelist. After a long time, many Speak Asians have been desperately waiting  for some good news, now through shopping portal, panelist can buy electronic goods at a discounted price. The site will be up at 6: 30 Pm on July10, 2011. Before launching of shopping portal, The COO Tarak Bajpai, conveyed to panelist at Mumbai that they are here to stay. He also emphasized that there could be little delay in the transfer of money, because company is still going through formalities to open bank accounts in India. After the launching, company management will be out in the field to teach and share about the new system.

The online shopping will be available through speak asia shopping ewallet.

At the start of July, MCA, who is probing irregularities on Speak Asia, had said that by July 10, 2011, they will be completing first report on Speak Asia, but today there is no update on the issue.

COO Tarak Bajpai, also expressed that online shopping will not be compulsory. Panelist who need cash through bank account transfer will have to wait for some more time as the opening of account is still under process. People who had achieved mobile phones and laptops will be given choice in the portal to select the brand and after selection, the rewards will be shipped to their address.

Today when panelist of Speak Asia were given the choice to buy electronic products, many are not happy.

This is what one panelist said on a forum,


Jashwant Patel, “At night,I checked all the prices of Electronics,Now I can see just 2 LCD prices.Even 22” LCD price was 8500 (Balance Payable On Delivery). Now after some manipulation it is 8,998. If you are taking such long time,Why you should not present your self as a professional. Its childish behavior. See Balance Payable On Delivery * : Rs. 8,998

Now what this * means?where is terms-conditions? How to buy LCD on such 5-6 line specifications? EARn & BURN: Earn 100 & burn 10?????? I am totally disappointed. Reply,but No abuse language please.


Most panelist are disappointed with the new business plan.

Our Advice: Wait for the cash request to open, when finally bank accounts are opened in India, then simply ask for the cash. One thing more, use your own mind to understand things around you. If an information is confirmed by company then only believe on your uplines. Most the time, I see that uplines are spreading bogus information, always cross verify with Speak Asia website.


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