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Is Network Marketing or MLM legal in India?

Written by Ak Sharma

New Delhi(mlmnewsblog) Dear fellow networkers, is Speak Asia a fake company? Now it’s a million dollar question but the real question is, does network marketing or MLM legalized in India? The answer is not yet. What is going on in India? If an MNC company or an Indian MLM company is given ROC, open offices and given sales tax registration, bank formalities done and launches the MLM business. But when problems arises, then the police and the court say these companies are illegal and are running money chain scheme and at last cases are registered under prize & chit fund scheme Act. 1956.,

It’s high time, we need a change. Under a combine force we must ask the union government to regularize & legalize network marketing system in India by amending the law in the parliament with rules and regulations with guidelines for network Marketing. Once MLM law is amended then these types of problems will be reduced and network marketing will become a better industry. Right now we need to unite and send a memorandum to the Prime Minister, Parliamentary Affairs Minister, the main opposition party (BJP), political leaders and other political party’s president through different ways. Like, we can send emails, letters and make telephone calls. You can even do the same with your MP of your respective constituency.

Speak Asia is a fake company or a legal company! It is not our problem but nearly 20 lacs distributors’ life is at stake, their hard earned money should be secured & returned safely to the investors is the main issue. Secondly, our Indian government is not at position to give employment opportunity to all Indians and investing huge amount to run own traditional business is also a big risk for middle & poor class section, I think network marketing is a good option for people in India. It has been already proven that MLM could become a good secondary source of income and bright future for some.

By studying the current scenario and the facts, union government should come out with right solution before it’s too late. Network Marketing must be legalized in India with proper framework and guidelines and amend the law in the parliament, otherwise we will keep on facing problems like Swiss cash, Speak Asia, Stock Guru India etc. These problems will keep on coming & forgetting and switching on to new MLM opportunities will not solve our problem. These things will ultimately hurt Indian network marketing community and we will keep on losing our hard earned money again & again.

So network marketing community, unite yourself and make only one forum to send the memorandum to the Prime Minister, The president of India, the parliamentary affairs minister, presidents of all political parties, and the main opposition leader and try to save ourselves and our future.

This guest post was submitted by Sheeravarneswaran Ganapathyraman. You can reach him at g.ks @ and eliteonlinesurvey @

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  • There is a person by name Shyam Sundar in Andhra Pradesh. He is an Advocate he says. He is against all MLM and is writing ill about MLM in his blog. Visit Corporate Fraud Watch and you can come to know about him. All MLM guys wake up and see to that this person do not write or criticise the MLM companies

  • Very well said Sheeravarneswaran Ganapathyraman and Mr.Arun Mehrotraa.At least some measure should be taken to avoid loot them peoples hard earned money and what may be the rule and regulation implemented should be followed honestly & strictly.