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Red Corner Notice against Speak Asia Global Head, Haren Kaur

Written by Ak Sharma

Mumbai (mlmnewsblog): The economic offences wing (EOW) during the initial investigation found that people have lost Rs 14,000 crore in SpeakAsia’s schemes from all over India. EOW is also collecting information on global Head, Haren Harinder Kaur to issue Red corner notice against her and more arrest will take place in coming days.

From now onward there will not be any survey sent from Speak Asia website due to the arrest of computer technicians who were handing the pop-up and uploading of survey job every week. Police is also taking help from Delhi cyber cell to block Speak Asia website. The server on which the website is hosted is located in the US and it will take time to block it globally, the police said.

There is also one unofficial response from Speak Asia that from August 5th there will be an “exit option” for the panelist. Most panelist are raising question over the genuinity of this letter.

What is this? When someone will exit company (pay) back amount? How? When they are not having any (money) payment gateway, how they will pay? If they have some manage to pay than why they are not paying normally? Something is fishy. One way they can pay, when someone exit other when someone want his survey amount that time they don’t have any (money) payment gateway… Sorry can’t understand this.

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  • As we are reading the news in this blog and we seen the news in the news channles since long, the main question arise that where was all the organisation when speakasia had started its works in India, how the company had transfered the payment in the Indian account? without the knowledge of the authority can they transfer the fund? If the answer is ye, then that is the fault of the authourity not of the company.
    Secondly, the company said that we want to pay the payment to the penalist, we want to provide the prizes to them but the diffrent authorities are stopping the payment and custom dept. is not giving the clearance for the prizes and the goods are lying at the port.
    Now, if they really want to pay back and want to distribute the prize then why this nonesence authourities are stopping them to do so.
    Once give them the clearance and then see that whethe they are really pay the payments and deliver the prizes as promised by them.
    If they are faild in fulfill the promises, then and then only take some steps against them, not only take the steps but take the hard step.
    But before that allow them to pay the payment.
    That is in the benefit of the Indian who had paid crores of rupees them. Now that is the right time to get back that money