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Now file your MLM complaint online. Due to the loop holes in the law every day gullible people are getting cheated by fraud network marketing companies all over India. These frauds are done in various ways, like by offering monthly high returns in cash, gold, surveys but when these network marketing companies vanish out of thin air, people have no where to get justice.

People who are doing MLM (Network Marketing), need external assistance from time to time but the irony is that there is no mechanism to safe guard their interest. There is no proper way to complaint either to the government agencies like police or Economic offence wing of respective states.

From past few years, frauds in MLM have increased many folds. Actions on such frauds have always been late and it never delivers any result in time.

After looking at this important issue we have launched a forum where you can file you complaint. There you can submit your compliant in detail. Issues such as related to payouts, wrong info about products and services offered by the company etc..

You just have to register yourself with the forum which does not take time and submit you complaint. Do submit your complaint in detail and we will do our best to get the results from the concern company.

If you have faced any such issue, you click here and submit your complaint.  www.MLMComplaints.In

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