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Serious Fraud Investigation Office Suggests body to control fake chit funds along with MLM Companies

Chit Funds

NEW DELHI: The Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) has strongly suggested establishing a body within the Central government to determine scams via chit funds and multi-level marketing business.

A document put together by SFIO suggests the Centre should really keep an eye on virtually all multi-level marketing (MLM) plans via the administration directorate as well as the intelligence agency to assist supervise guidelines of laws and regulations throughout states.

“Bringing the scenarios within the Centre’s ambit is actually important as many schemes being operate with the direct or indirect assistance of local authorities is not unheard of,” an SFIO official said on condition of anonymity.

Nevertheless, he stated the actual execution need to be the states’ subject, as Multilevel marketing programs tend to be primarily established in rural locations as well as their models differ from area to area.

The SFIO report states virtually all networking companies, under which the majority of MLMs operate should be registered with the central authority in order to help make it quick to recognize firms operating this kind of plans.

“The problem is actually that of signalling. As soon as the states alongside with the Centre begin taking more substantial actions, the acceptance of this kind of schemes will certainly tumble,” said another official.

The ministry of corporate affairs is presently working hard along with the Reserve Bank of India to enhance the regulations governing Network marketing business organizations.

The SFIO is also probing Gold Quest, a Tamil Nadu-based firm operating a chit fund worth Rs 1,000 crore.

Chit Funds

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