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TVI Express Mastermind Tarun Trikha Finally Arrested by Police in India

Written by Ak Sharma

Tarun Trikha, the mastermind behind TVI Express finally got arrested by the Kolkata Crime Investigation Department special force at Delhi Airport.

Tarun Trikha who ran a ponzi scheme TVI Express got busted by the indian police. MIllions of people lost their hard earned money when he shut down the ponzi scheme almost one year ago.

After TVI Express reached saturation, he stopped distributing commissions to the associates of TVI Express.

Millions of people, specially in south Asia invested their money in TVI Express. The total money collected till date by TVI Express in yet to be ascertain. Though the TVI Express fraud is expected to be around 5000 crores.


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  • one and half year ago tviexpress suddenly stopped its INDIAN operations. I personally send a lot of emails to their adminstration addresses but they gave no response. ONLY they send an email on Birthday wish to every distributor on his birthday. I myself visited their GURGAON office, but that is also closed and when we enquire about them they were looking at me like a fool. Govt. should clearly find the genuine state of co. A lot of people are waiting the operations to resume, but strictly according to INDIAN GOVT. GUIDELINES.

  • This had to happen. And I am so glad that it did.

    Sooner than later such Criminals/Scammers are caught and justice is served. But the poor common man who puts his money in such scams gets duped and doesn’t get the refund.

    It is high time that people stop promoting and joining in such scams in the name of Network Marketing and choose the right vehicle to success.

    Ankur Bakhshi

  • Justice shall prevail. People would have thrashed the bastard before getting arrested by cops. Now people should keep a close watch on him. Please don’t leave him easily.