Amway India registered 2,130 crore turnover, kicks off brand-new products

Written by Ak Sharma

Amway India Enterprises, one of country’s biggest direct selling marketing FMCG Company is on the brink of crossing ‘2,500 crore mark this age with already registering a strapping development in the initial one-half of the year. The business posted a turnover of ‘2,130 crore last year which was up from the ‘1,790 crore in 2010.

“Amway India recorded earnings of ‘2,130 crore in 2011 growing at 19 each cent over the previous fiscal. This is the 4th successive year where Amway registered double digit growth. Our concentration over the past 3-4 ages has been on boosting customer recognition and also gain access to has paid off handsomely as the quality of the Amway pick-up centres has gone through a sea change and also has become much more experiential for the consumer. Furthermore, the capacity to location orders on the website as well as tv advertising campaign campaigns have actually even contributed to our growth,” claimed William S Pinckney, MD & CEO, Amway India.


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