Sahara Q shop

Written by Ak Sharma

Sahara recently launched a retail brand Sahara Q shop.  The main motive of Sahara is to capture untapped unorganized FMCG sector. At first they have started their operation in 5 states and 30 cities in India. There were news in the market that Sahara will launch Q shop through Multi-level marketing(MLM) channel but the news was not confirmed by the company management

Nearly five years ago, the Sahara had tried something similar and it could not do much and had to close it.

The Chairman of the India Direct Selling Association (IDSA), S Subramanian said ” if Sahara Q Shop applies for the membership as an  Association member, then we will examine their business plan thoroughly” . Currently there are 18 members of the Association and most of them are of foreign origin.

Amway direct selling Senior Vice President Yogendra Singh in his statement said that the the most important part is distribution centers and pick-ups. Doing this at a ground level is a difficult talk.

If Sahara, in coming time plans to run Q Shop though MLM model then it could be a great source of income for people who are already in MLM but it is yet to seen.

Some detail about the Sahara Q Shop:

New huge business opportunity every Indian family app 50 Crore families need pure good quality products.

  •  Family tree commission @ 10.13% (New Revised )
  • Rs 800 new member introduction incentive
  • Opportunity to become Q shops Franchise.
  • Better opportunities for the promotion in the organization
  • Easy spread of Business to other towns and localities.
  • All other benefits of a Member like Good quality products at door step at best price & Loyalty Bonus Points.
  • He can buy FMCG and Consumer merchandise at fair and Competative Price.
  • 3.5% of monthly purchase will be refunded from the advance purchase scheme on a monthly basis.
  • Each time you buy you get Loyalty Bonus Points.


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  • Hello Iam karthik graduate in Food processing and Technology and have done my masters in food science and technology from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. I am interested in taking up a franchisee of Sahara Q shop. Please send me the details of investment,terms and conditions etc. Thank you. My email id is [email protected]