All In One Profits Review: 100% commissions

Written by Ak Sharma

I have actually been with AIOP for quite some time now, and I absolutely LIKE this program.

One of the most important things to inspect when looking at a new income opportunity is the program itself. Numerous business opportunities are out there but they have no value at all or business opportunity is just a compilation of bunch of ebooks that you could get free of cost in hundreds of sites around the net. In other words, what you are “getting” is just the income opportunity– which actually makes those opportunity unlawful in many countries around the world.

AIOP is not like that. The product they offer. A package of internet web-hosting hosting, autoresponder, tracker, rotator and a website    builder, with even more to come, stands as a value on its own, even without the income opportunity. If you are paying for these things  individually, they would cost you a minimum of 3 times of that.

This implies that you could sign individuals up as customers, not just as an affiliate at AOIP. In fact, I simply subscribed a buddy, not due to the fact that she wished to enrol to this online business earning option, but due to the fact that her hubby has launched a new business and they were looking for a good affordable web site hosting. (Mind you, once she saw the earnings opportunity she was fairly keen to run with that too.).

That stated, the earnings opportunity is truly outstanding! Here’s how it works:

You get paid $ 10 a month for every person on your first level. (Yes, that’s 100 % commission– I’ll respond to that soon.).
The system works on an “even up” basis: you keep every odd-numbered referral, and you pass every even-numbered one to your sponsor. That suggests that you break even with your first referral! This continues to infinity wide levels– for every odd-numbered person you refer, you get $ 10 on a monthly basis.

The real excitement begins at the following level. Where you need to pass your even-numbered referrals to your sponsor, the people on your first level have to pass their even-numbered referrals to you– and you get $ 10 per month from every one of them.

Not only that, but individuals passed up to you are now your first level, and they in turn have to pass their even-numbered recommendations to you ($ 10 a month from each.) They now join your first level, and give their even-numbered referrals … and so on, that goes deep in the line.

The other thing you truly wish from an earnings opportunity is excellent support.

All In One Profits Review

All In One Profits Review

I know some people have been really critical of All in One Profits, however their criticism has actually been rather unjust. One reviewer questioned the fact that the program returns 100 % commission, and recommended with a conclusion that it is a scam. He certainly knows very little about marketing! The technique is called a “lead forwarding”– offering an introductory product for little bit of or no profit, in order to introduce the customer to higher priced products later on. Your local supermarket does it every time when they apply “Soon ending special offers” to draw you in to the store. AIOP will present greater membership levels in time. We (members) don’t yet know exactly what those levels will provide, but I’m extremely sure they will be of good worth.

If anybody still has doubts about the 100 % commission, consider this: the program owners were the first in line to begin sponsoring individuals. Like all other members, they take advantage of the rejecting of even-numbered referrals. The 100 % commission policy is not going to make the company broke!

As I stated, I just love this program. If you want to know more click here – All In One Profits.

All In One Profits Review Click here

All In One Profits

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