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  • The top 3 scamsters of the world (according to Google) are :-

    1. Charles Ponzi – on whose name Ponzi schemes were named
    2. Bernie Madoff – Scammed even Hollywood stars and business man.
    3. Sergei Marvodi – jailed twice for his scam called MMM.

    If these facts dont shake you, dont worry for your downlines will when YOU loose their money to the world’s 3rd biggest scamster! No one earns a quick buck and enjoys it!

    The entire world’s internet is up and running by now…

  • *****8th wonder of the world***** Still people sometime educated are being fooled by dogs like Speak Asia, Ram Survey, TVI Express, Stock Guru, All Hit Deals and of course MMM*****

  • “I have completed my 3 months duration of deposit of Rs.50,000/- on 08.04.13 and I have to withdraw my money now. But I am unable to log in my virtual account. I am fear about my money as it grow upto 55%. Please help me get my money. I will be continue my membership & I hope I would get my money back.

  • Everything will be alright once the new server gets started, MMM is making it so strong that nobody could hack or attack it in future.