3 key factors to creating your own success in Network Marketing

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3 key factors to creating your own success in Network Marketing.

If you are working in Network Marketing then you’ll know you are working in an industry where there literally is no ceiling to the success that you can achieve. The only limits are the ones you place upon yourself.

Your level of success is defined by you and how quickly you get there is also up to you.

That’s why it’s so important not limit to your marketing activities to ‘what you know’ or ‘what you are familiar with’ but to think ‘unlimited’, to be proactive and take responsibility for your marketing and business activity from day one.

Here are 3 key factors to taking control of your marketing & ultimately taking control of your success.

1) Create momentum
Don’t wait
for permission or hope that success will come looking for you – you need to go and get it! It won’t happen overnight and you will need to work hard, but the important thing is to get started and build momentum!

Success in network marketing comes from selling products. It’s no more complicated than that, it’s a numbers game. The more sales you make; the greater the success and the bigger the pay check!

That means you need to get out there meeting and talking to people, lots of people.

Get creative to maximize the opportunities to present yourself and your products.

You will need to host presentations; one-on-ones or groups, whatever works for you, but there will be lots of presentations, for both your products and the business opportunity.

With the majority of Network Marketing product promotion, there is a relationship built into the transaction.  There are no short cuts and no matter how much you research into different strategies or how much you network online, your core ‘income producing’ activity will always be getting out there and meeting people.

It takes effort, commitment and determination. Everyone gets some refusals but it’s a numbers game and the more people you introduce to your business the better the chances of SUCCESS.

In order to give your business the maximum exposure you need promotional material available in volume and, as you know, glossy brochures and bespoke design can be very expensive.

This being the situation, people often feel they must limit their business building activity to whatever is provided by their parent company or what they think they can afford and, by doing so, place a restriction on their potential success.

Really successful people do not work to these limitations. They think outside of the box and do whatever is required to meet the goals that they know will create their success. If you REALLY want the success then YOU NEED to promote your business continually, professionally and with enthusiasm. This activity, when coupled with excellent customer service, will breed more loyalty than any product… remember people will always buy from someone they ‘know, like and trust’.

2) Create Income producing activity
Ok, so now you have created some momentum and also some activity, but, is that activity showing up on your pay check? If not then consider the essential requirements of network marketing– you need to NETWORK and you need to MARKET yourself, until you have the success that you set out to achieve.

Often when people start out in a network marketing business they do a lot of NETWORKING but no MARKETING.

This is like setting out on an ocean bound voyage with no sails on your boat – you may get a little distance with a few helpful pushes from friends but pretty soon you’ll come to a stand-still, swim back to shore saying ‘I tried my best but it didn’t work out.’ To fulfil your dreams out there on the high seas you’ll need to equip yourself properly for the task at hand.

The activity of networking shouldn’t be overlooked as it is an essential part of your success but it has to be ‘income producing activity’. Your remuneration and ultimate success is based on how many products you and your team sell, not how many Facebook friends you have or how many people follow you on Twitter. Your activity has to equate to making money – ‘income producing activity’.

3) Create the right strategy
In order to determine your marketing strategy you need to understand the important aspects of the network marketing industry and identify the challenges & opportunities that these present.

The two main aspects of the network marketing industry are:

a) Individual creation. The level of your individual short term success is determined by the size and sustainability of your customer base – you create your own success.

b) Duplication. Your level of long term success is determined by your ability to attract and retain a successful team that will ‘follow the leader’ and create their own individual success – as a result they will multiply your business activity and increase your success.

Let’s look at the first aspect; individual creation.

In context of network marketing; success is achieved by making your network of customers as broad as possible. So your marketing approach required is to create the maximum exposure of your business with minimal cost – multiple quantities with minimum unit costs.

If you’re blowing your whole budget on a few glossy brochures and some business cards then you’re going to be seriously limiting your opportunities – you may develop a small but solid customer base but it will only create a small return, and without a change of approach, your business will take a long time to grow and the return may remain too small.

If your objective is to make money and build a successful team then you will need to develop a network of repeat customers as large, and as quickly, as possible.

Now let’s look at the second one; duplication.

As you will know, the real opportunity in network marketing is to harness the power of a network and multiply your own business activity by building a successful team. Without that ‘leverage’ you will always be limited by the fact that there is only one of you and only 24 hours in a day.

The key to powerful duplication is to replicate your own success with others, quickly and simply. When you are creating your own success it is important to ‘project forward’ and to consider how easy it will be to replicate what you are currently doing.

For instance, if you’re building up a whole library of hand-made marketing inventory then it will be very time consuming for you to be recreating this for others. Or if you had expensive designs created for your use then, again, it will be extremely onerous and expensive to create multiple amounts of these for your team.

Remember, YOU are responsible for your success, and you can take the credit – not your customers, nor your parent company or your up-line!

Aarron Dann is the Director and Co-founder of www.homebusinessprint.com A webiste that empowers small business owners to take control of their marketing with professionally designed templates, which can be edited, downloaded & printed in minutes.If you liked this article, you can get more great tips & advice at: www.homebusinessprint.com/blog

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