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www.GlobalBestInvestment.com: New Scam Making Its Way Around the Basin

New Scam Making Its Way Around the Basin (www.GlobalBestInvestment.com)
Written by Ak Sharma

www.globalbestinvestment.com is not different from many other HYIP sites on the internet, who offers easy and fast returns on your investment. Once they collect enough money, they just vanish in thin air. The full form of HYIP is High Yield Investment Program. That means in short duration you can make a lot and lose as well.

This how their plan works:

  • Deposit plan: GBI Power Standard
  • Minimum Invesment: $5.00
  • Interest rate: 4.00%
  • Investment Length: 60 Days
  • Total Return (Capital Include): $12.00

Apart from that they also offer referral commission up to 10 levels , this is how it goes:-

  • 1st level 10%
  • 2nd level 2%
  • 3rd level 1%
  • 4th level 0.5%
  • 5th level 0.25%
  • 6th level 0.25%
  • 7th level 0.25%
  • 8th level 0.25%
  • 9th level 0.25%
  • 10th level 0.25%

Reasons why you should not invest your money with www.globalbestinvestment.com:

  • It is not approved by the government of India.
  • There is no certification.
  • There is no information given about the owners of www.globalbestinvestment.com
  • The address given on the site is different from the one given on the sites’ whois database.
  • No contact number given on the site, only an email and the local U.S address given.
  • Once www.globalbestinvestment.com is out of business then nowhere to catch them.
  • Most website traffic comes only from India, that shows the scam target is India, there is nothing like global in it.

We tried calling on the US Tel. +1.7168017066 number provided at the domain registration. The response was that the voice mail is full & call after some time.

Our Advice: Stay away from such plans. Initially some investors will make good money but once, it reaches to saturation stage, the website will be shut down and the person who recommended you www.globalbestinvestment.com will not even pick your call.

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