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After a long time Indian Government decides to bring norms for MLM Industry

After a long time Indian Government decides to bring norms for MLM Industry
Written by Randhir Kumar
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In the 2014 election year, the direct selling industry is getting positive response from the central government, as it is sending the regulatory framework draft guidelines, regarding direct selling to the Inter ministerial committee. This might take some time to work but the investors heave a sigh of relief.

The direct selling regulation is already brought by the state Governments of Rajasthan and Kerala and this has resulted with a  positive impact on the people, who are dealing with mlm/direct sales business. The investors of other states are waiting for this kind of regulatory framework at the national level,  to put everything in the right place. If the regulatory framework is putting up on the place then it will give legitimate way of making money in different streams and would give massive growth to the direct selling Industry in India.

In year 2013 the direct selling business in India was of around Rs 7000 Crore, and with a growth rate of 20%, the direct selling industry is expected to grow up around Rs 11000 Crore by the end of year 2015.

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  • At last networkers can see a ray of hope. Surely the laws will benefit all the the DIRECT SELLING AGENTS.

  • Many many thanks to Central Government of India for making rules and regulations to doing network Marketing , and I have request that,please ban all money chain and money circulation schemes.

    • Dear Nasarudeen why you need MLM if you have money with you? I mean, Have money; go the market you get everything. Why you need to do MLM with product? So basically the need is for money. What do you do when you deal on stock trading with d’mat a/c? Is there any product you get in your hand? No, but still you pay for it… and then you lose it. where will you complain?- Nowhere. Because it is regulated; but your money is gone for good. Banks are also doing money circulations only. There are so many banks that have shut down and depositors lost their money. The government’s guarantee to depositors of Nationalised banks are only “upto One Lakh Rupees”; that means even if you have crores of rupees in a bank account in the event of the bank closing down you are optimally guaranteed of only one lakh rupees. So I am asking what this regulation of MLM wiil or can bring about?