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ForeverGreen FG Xpress Introduces the SOLAR STRIPS

ForeverGreen FG Xpress Introduces the SOLAR STRIPS
Written by Ak Sharma

ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation (FVRG), a leading provider of dietary foods  and various other healthy supplements, showcased its brand new product called SolarStrips on March 28, 2014.

SolarStrips is a patented based on modern technology and has ingredients which aids the body system to supply with nutritious food to work appropriately.

SolarStrips is a dissolvable strip that consists of 100% natural ingredients. SolarStrips include wild aquatic phytoplankton. It is put directly on the tongue and supplies the user with much-needed nutrition.

SolarStrips are bringing your household the greatest entire food items in the world so that you could take your wellness and also premium of lifestyle in order to the upcoming amount, pointed out Ron Williams, CEO.

CEO, Ron Williams said “SolarStrips are bringing you the best whole food on the planet so that you can take your health and quality of life to the next level,”

ForeverGreen is proud in order to deliver your household the best Phytoplankton on the planet in its own purest form, Alpha-3 CMP. Our company is actually the special recipient of the only known mass-produced pure wild marine phytoplankton on the planet.

NASA has actually been researching the beneficial effects of its ingredient for quite some time. The Solar Strips can be taken by adults and children.

About SolarStrips.

SolarStrips technology is actually in accordance to nature’s earliest whole food items that is now the latest whole food for the human race. Marine Phytoplankton (whole food of the ocean) is a tiny plant life that sustains life in the sea water. Ninety percent of the much needed oxygen in our atmosphere comes from Phytoplankton. Without any side effects, it can be consumed daily. SolarStrips deliver the system with a fabulous variety of synergistic nutrients that may fuel our cells, our enzymatic paths and also our vital organs.

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