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Safeguarding against online part time jobs scam

Safeguarding against online part time jobs scam
Safeguarding against online part time jobs scam
Written by Ak Sharma
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Key highlights:

  • How to differentiate a legitimate and a scam online data entry jobs

  • Steps to follow before starting a data entry job

Today with the growing use of technology and internet, it has become very easy for many scam artists to scam innocent people online. If you have been lured into an easy money-making schemes online, then it is very important that you make yourself aware of the online scams that are present in the data entry industry today.

It is also very vital for you to recognize such scams in order to keep your income safe in the long-term. It is very easy to fall prey to such scams in a world where the inflation is increasing every day and it becomes difficult to meet everyday expenses.

Differentiating a data entry scams from legitimate data entry jobs takes careful research and common sense. It is simply common sense that low-skill jobs can never pay a big amount of money and money made from legitimate data entry works is typically low. A careful study will help you find a legitimate work-at-home opportunity.

One of the ways to check the legitimacy of the company offering the data entry jobs is the fact that reputable companies always offer low rates. Any lofty promises with their real life stories about how the data entry job has changed their life could possibly be a scam. It is therefore very important that you make yourself aware of all the data entry job scams before you decide to work in this field.

The reason why scammers choose data entry jobs to trick people is because it is very difficult to find the legitimacy of a company which offers online date entry work. More often than not, a data entry jobs from home will not have a high payout structure since there is no dearth of online workers. However, there are some well-paying jobs in the field of data entry, such as medical transcription. But simple data entry work which requires no technical skills are generally low paying.

Another point that you need to keep in mind, is that no legitimate data entry company will ask you to make payment for their registration and the training they provide. Hence all jobs that require you to pay to get registered and then start working are basically scams. If you are already familiar with the data entry industry and have worked with one earlier there will be no problem in differentiating a scammer and a legitimate company. The problem arises if you are fairly new to this field.

We are practically living in a cyber era and almost all companies have digital ways of doing their data entry works. It is very strange for a reliable and reputable company to sell-out thousands of dollars for its data entry work. Today technology has advanced so much that most of the companies enter their required data through some software or other digital ways. Even if a company do manual data entry it is but obvious that they will not pay much for such a simple job.

There is no doubt that there are a lot of scam data entry job, but there are also legitimate companies that offer genuine data entry work. Various medical transcription companies are into data entry job and are reliable. Other jobs available in the field of data entry is the ad posting. In Ad posting, one has to post Ads on different websites and these jobs are available without investment. No investment is needed for a genuine data entry and Ad posting jobs.

Some of the key steps that you should follow to identify some data entry scams are discussed below.

  • Research the reputation of the company you have decided to work for. Google can be very helpful in getting important information about the company since it will give you maximum exposure in the right way.
  • There are companies who claim to be ISO certified and use the name of the certificate to show people that they are legitimate. It is important to cross check their certification number before falling into the trap.
  • The company should have verified official contact details so that you can contact them in the fastest possible time. An official website with the details of the kind of work they offer, their office location, the names of their clients show the transparency of the company, and a legitimate company would have all these details for everyone to easily see.
  • A very important thing to do before you decide to work for any data entry jobs is to verify the physical address. If the company puts up an incorrect address for its office it is but obvious that it is a scam and you should totally avoid working for such company.
  • Also, it is important to verify the landline number. Most of the scammers do not provide any landline number on their website, and even if they do it is generally a fake number.
  • Always check the ranking of the data entry jobs website in Google and Alexa. Google will give you the page  rank which will give you the idea of the popularity of that particular page, and the Alexa ranking is a tool to measure the popularity of the complete website.
  • For further information, you must ask questions to the company and ensure you know as much as possible about their services.
  • Make sure that the mode of payment the company offer is convenient and flexible. Ensure that company is an experienced and reputed one.

These fraud data entry jobs are planned very cleverly so as to make people dream of earning $400 to $500 per month by just spending a few hours at their convenient time. Such a thing does not happen and we should use our common sense and judgment wisely in order to safeguard our interest and money from such scammers. Keeping in mind the above points and being more aware is the only way to do so.

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