8 Steps to Build an Effective Network Marketing Strategy

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Whether you work alone as an entrepreneur or as a part of a startup or an eCommerce website representative, networking marketing is worth looking into. In short, network marketing represents a unique and personal method of sales and advertisement. According to statistics, network marketing has shown consistent growth across the US, with average income for marketing representatives ranging around $55,500 on a yearly basis.

This is a nice sum to consider for the work it takes to represent a product portfolio in your local area. However, building an effective marketing strategy for this type of sales can be difficult. Let’s take a look at several tips which can help you create your own network marketing strategy and earn more revenue as a result.

  1. Corroborate your Credentials

Due to the door-to-door nature of network marketing, the industry faced its fair share of accusations over the years. Many false advertisers have claimed to be representatives of certain companies in order to scam unknowing customers of their hard-earned money.

In order to avoid that, you should corroborate your credentials, claims and identity. Make sure to have legal paperwork with you, which states that you are indeed a salesperson for a network marketing firm and that you have permission and ability to sell their products.

  • Build a Product Portfolio

Once you have the necessary paperwork ready, you can create a product portfolio which you will sell to potential customers. A product portfolio can consist of anything that you consider worth selling in your local area. Some of the most popular network marketing industries include fitness, makeup products and house appliances.

Joseph Frank, content marketing specialist at Top Writers Review spoke on the matter recently: “A good product portfolio is necessary in order for you and your company to appear professional to casual viewers. Create a list of products and services which are available for purchase and make sure that you always have those items available for sale.”

  • Create a Customer Profile

Very few items can be sold to an unlimited number of people. This is because we differentiate customers based on their genders, age, lifestyle choices and professional occupations.

In order to know which people to target with your products, you need to create a customer profile beforehand. Take some time to consider who would be the perfect customers for the products you have on offer and make sure to market yourself to those people first and foremost.

  • Develop a Sales Pitch

It can be very bad for your reputation to show up at a sales meeting without a sales pitch standing by. A sales pitch usually consists of a small “speech” in which you explain why your products are good for that particular customer.

Make sure to prepare answers if any of your customers ask something like “how are your products different than the competitors’?” since these are difficult questions to answer correctly. Be professional and respectful of other network marketing brands since it can damage your own credibility if you start gossiping.

  • Provide Social Proof

Another point of contempt worth noting in terms of network marketing is the social proof involved – or lack thereof. People will rarely want to buy something without solid proof that the item works as advertised.

This means that you should have some customer reviews, sales data and the features & benefits list available for unsure customers. That way, you will add a sense of security and trust to your potential customers and ensure that they make the final purchase after being reassured of your products’ performances and quality.

  • Establish a Social Media Presence

Customers often check online resources for additional information before making a purchase. It’s a good idea to create dedicated network marketing pages on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before you start the sales process.

This will allow your customers to check for more information online and come across your pages fairly easily. You can use these pages to post product discounts, sales updates, satisfied customer images and other marketing materials.

  • Offer Verified Information

No matter whom you talk to in regards to your products, network marketing only works as long as you are honest about your products. After all, you want to build a business around product sales without relying on cheap scam tactics (as we’ve mentioned previously).

Brush up on the information surrounding your products and speak truthfully about their features, usage and pricing. Depending on whether you use door-to-door sales tactics or rely on an eCommerce website, you can offer product demonstration and trial periods to your customers. The friendlier and more helpful you appear to be, the easier it will be to seal the deal and sell a product.

  • Follow-up and CTA

Lastly, even if a customer is reluctant and unsure of whether or not they want to buy your product, you still have a chance to sell. Calls to action are a great marketing tactic which can help you achieve bigger sales numbers in network marketing.

If your customer is passive and doesn’t ask any questions about your product, you can do that instead. Ask them whether they are happy with what they see, what they would use the product for and how does the price sound to their purchase abilities. Most importantly, ask your customers about when you can reach out to them to ask again about whether or not they will buy your products. Do your best to follow up on every sales attempt you made in order to get a second chance at selling your product to potential customers.

In Summation

Network marketing requires you to act like a professional salesperson if you want to succeed and build a career in the industry. If you choose to work with others in a network of salespeople, develop a clear plan on how you will do that.

Network marketing does allow you to cooperate with others and sell even more products through teamwork. However, in that case, you should create a business model and split your profits evenly between the members of your network.

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/startup-planning-notes-mac-book-7357/

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