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list of top mlm companies in india

list of top mlm companies in india
Written by Ak Sharma
list of top mlm companies in india
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Top MLM Companies in India List

  1. Kabab Shami www.payamsara.comBaby clothing/Accessories
  2. Valeda Life www.valedalife.comBeauty/Skincare/Spa
  3. Unifamily Corporate Services www.uniquefamilyservices.comConsulting
  4. KerryJohn
  5. Sayapatri Marketing Pvt Ltd. www.sayapatri.bizCookware/Kitchen
  6. Corevision Edupreneurs Pvt,
  7. Meds It Development Ltd. www.medsit.netEducation/Books/Games
  8. Vriddhiplus Education Pvt. Ltd. www.vriddhiplus.comEducation/Books/Games
  9. Wellmore Marketing Solutions www.wellmoremarketing.comEducation/Books/Games
  10. Businesspeople, Inc. www.mybusinesspeople.comEnergy/Fuel
  11. Hind India Marketing Co. www.hindindia.comEnergy/Fuel
  12. IFB Industries www.ifbathome.comEnergy/Fuel
  13. Jigar www.gammanetint.netFashion/Clothes/Accessories
  14. Tulip Global Pvt. Ltd www.tulipbusiness.comFashion/Clothes/Accessories
  15. Phoenix Trade LInk PVT www.phoenixtrade.inFinancial Services/Currency
  16. Tycoons Empire MLM India www.tycoonsempire.inFinancial Services/Currency
  17. Bikmaark www.bikmaark.comGourmet Foods/Gift Baskets
  18. Brans Infotech Pvt Ltd www.bransinfo.comGourmet Foods/Gift Baskets
  19. Amega Global www.eamega.comHealth/Nutrition
  20. Argon Wellness Pvt. Ltd. www.argonworldwide.comHealth/Nutrition
  21. Assure Life Care www.assurelifecare.comHealth/Nutrition
  22. Cander Bio Marketing, Pvt. Ltd www.canderbio.comHealth/Nutrition
  23. Davidmethue www.bioamega.bizHealth/Nutrition
  24. Destiny-2000Ltd www.destiny-2000.comHealth/Nutrition
  25. E-Links International Pvt. Ltd. www.elinks2u.comHealth/Nutrition
  26. Elinks International Pvt. Ltd. www.elinks2u.comHealth/Nutrition
  27. Global VIP Launch www.globalviplaunch.comHealth/Nutrition
  28. HLM Retail India Pvt Ltd. www.hlmbusiness.inHealth/Nutrition
  29. K Link International www.klinkindia.inHealth/Nutrition
  30. Misti Vedik Life Ltd. www.mistivediklife.comHealth/Nutrition
  31. Moksh Lifestyles Pvt Ltd www.mokshlife.comHealth/Nutrition
  32. Myiim www.myiim.netHealth/Nutrition
  33. Network 2008 BD Ltd. www.naturalfoodbd.comHealth/Nutrition
  34. Never Sleeps www.neversleeps.bizHealth/Nutrition
  35. Percapita www.percapita.inHealth/Nutrition
  36. Safelife Multitrade www.safelifeworld.netHealth/Nutrition
  37. Unisys Networking www.ourunisys.comHealth/Nutrition
  38. Destiny-2000 LTD www.destiny-2000.comHealthy Foods/Snacks
  39. RMP Infotec www.rmpinfotec.bizHousehold/Decorative
  40. Sarvodaya www.sobmbusiness.comHousehold/Decorative
  41. Takfly Communications www.takfly.comHousehold/Decorative
  42. Visionplus International www.visionplusmlm.comHousehold/Decorative
  43. Allegrovision Marketimg Pvt. Ltdwww.allegrovision.comInsurance
  44. Bright Future Pvt. Ltd. www.brightfuture.comInsurance
  45. Eartkashay Multi Services & Infrawww.emsi.inInsurance
  46. Janamithra www.janmithra.comInsurance
  47. Mass Value Insurance Consultanwww.massvalue.netInsurance
  48. Samsaw Insurance Consultancy Swww.samsaw.comInsurance
  49. Sandhee Marketing www.sandhee.bizInsurance
  50. Sarthak Trademart www.stmpl.comInsurance
  51. Secure Point www.securepoint.inInsurance
  52. Smartway www.smartwayinsureconsultant.Insurance
  53. Sureinsure Career Managment
  54. Synchronic Merchants www.smsuniversal.netInsurance
  55. TlC Insurance India
  56. Vision India Netlink Pvt., Ltd. www.visionindiagroup.comInsurance
  57. Vision-21 LIife Insurance
  58. Ashiq Ahmad www.abarissoftech.comInternet Service/Web Hosting
  59. Maxtra www.maxtratechnologies.comInternet Service/Web Hosting
  60. Success Idea www.successidea.bizInternet Service/Web Hosting
  61. Lifetime Jewellry Pvt. Ltd.
  62. Radhakrishnagold Jewellery Pvt.www.radhakrishnagold.inJewelry/Gems
  63. Sai Gold India www.saigoldindia.comJewelry/Gems
  64. Science of Natural Integration www.snitrust.bizJewelry/Gems
  65. Star Symbiosys
  66. Rainbow Ideal Megamart www.rainbowideal.comLingerie/Sleepwear
  67. Status MLM www.statusmlm.comMarketing/Tools
  68. AAROH Distribution Pvt. Ltd www.aaroh.bizMulitiple Products
  69. Adworth www.onlineadworth.comMulitiple Products
  70. Altos Enterprises Ltd. www.yoursbusiness.netMulitiple Products
  71. Amcoiway Info Services Limited www.amcoiway.comMulitiple Products
  72. Anel Multitrade Marketing Pvt. Lwww.angelmlm.comMulitiple Products
  73. Ayumart www.ayumart.comMulitiple Products
  74. Balaji Multi Services www.bmsonline.inMulitiple Products
  75. Blue Heaven www.blueheavenindia.netMulitiple Products
  76. Coorg Biz www.coorgbiz.comMulitiple Products
  77. Dewsoft Overseas www.dewsoftoverseas.comMulitiple Products
  78. Dionysus Multilevel Marketing Pwww.dionysusmarketing.comMulitiple Products
  79. Earth Infotec Marketing www.earthinfotecmarketing.comMulitiple Products
  80. Earthwide Sales and Marketing Pwww.worldwidelimited.inMulitiple Products
  81. Egen International Ltd. www.egen.usMulitiple Products
  82. Elinks Global Pvt. Ltd. www.elinksglobal.comMulitiple Products
  83. FISAA Products
  84. Fisaa www.fisaa.bizMulitiple Products
  85. FMIA Marketing Services Pvt. Ltdwww.fmia.inMulitiple Products
  86. FMP Marketing Pvt. Ltd. www.fmpcare.comMulitiple Products
  87. Gondegooz www.gondegooz.netMulitiple Products
  88. Great Return Mkt. Pvt. Ltd. www.bookandgo.inMulitiple Products
  89. Gurussr Distributors Pvt. Ltd. www.gurussr.netMulitiple Products
  90. Heaven Secure Marketing (P)Ltd Products
  91. IMP Marketing Pvt. Ltd. www.impvision.comMulitiple Products
  92. Jeevan And Business Associates,www.jabassociatesindia.comMulitiple Products
  93. Jet Way Solutions www.jetway4u.comMulitiple Products
  94. KBC Mult-Trade Pvt. Ltd. www.kbcmultitrade.comMulitiple Products
  95. Kudos Life Care Pvt. Ltd. www.kudosbusiness.comMulitiple Products
  96. Luxur Global N. Limited www.luxurglobal.comMulitiple Products
  97. Md Arshad Alam www.yoursbusiness.netMulitiple Products
  98. Milestone Group of Company www.milestoneint.comMulitiple Products
  99. Mission Total Health www.missiontotalhealth.comMulitiple Products
  100. Neway Bangladesh www.newaybangladesh.comMulitiple Products
  101. Neway Bangladesh Pvt, Ltd. www.newaybangladesh.comMulitiple Products
  102. NMART Products
  103. NWA -Network World Alliance maciulisr.comMulitiple Products
  104. Paisa From Mobile Products
  105. Peace Life Network (P) LTD www.peacelifenetwork.comMulitiple Products
  106. Rainbow World www.ukrainbow.comMulitiple Products
  107. RCM Business www.rcmbusiness.comMulitiple Products
  108. RCS Online Trading Solutions www.rcsbiz.inMulitiple Products
  109. REX Interlink Marketing www.rmbbusiness.inMulitiple Products
  110. RNM Infotech Pvt., Ltd. www.rnmworld.comMulitiple Products
  111. Royal Life www.royallife.bizMulitiple Products
  112. Royal Vision Care www.rvcamuthasurabhi.comMulitiple Products
  113. Rupsha King Network Limited www.rupsha.netMulitiple Products
  114. Rythm Multitrade www.rythmmultitrade.comMulitiple Products
  115. S.O.B.M www.sobmbusiness.comMulitiple Products
  116. Sahara Care House www.saharacarehouse.inMulitiple Products
  117. Sayapati Marketing PVT LTD www.sayapatri.bizMulitiple Products
  118. Secure Life www.securedlives.comMulitiple Products
  119. Seven Destinations Venture ( Products
  120. Shriji Usperb Network Marketinwww.shrijisuperb.comMulitiple Products
  121. Silex Group of Companies www.silexestate.comMulitiple Products
  122. Skyquestcom E-Learning www.skyquestcom.comMulitiple Products
  123. Standard Life www.standardlifes.comMulitiple Products
  124. SVPS www.svpsl.inMulitiple Products
  125. Tanatorn Union Life www.tanatorn.netMulitiple Products
  126. TCS IT www.tcsitltd.comMulitiple Products
  127. TLC Marketing Services www.themobitel.comMulitiple Products
  128. Trillions India www.trillionsindia.comMulitiple Products
  129. Uptrend Distribution www.uptrend2u.comMulitiple Products
  130. VBS India Ltd. www.vbsindia.inMulitiple Products
  131. Vinsure Marketing www.vinsuremarketing.comMulitiple Products
  132. Vollax www.vollax.comMulitiple Products
  133. Way2Win Marketing www.way2winindia.inMulitiple Products
  134. Lifeis www.lifeis1000.comPersonal Care
  135. Sre Lifestyles www.srelifestyles.comPersonal Care
  136. AFTB Casa Própria
  137. Anjak Overseas www.anjakoverseas.comRealEstate
  138. Parkash www.unipay2u.comRealEstate
  139. Persist Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. www.persistplant.comRealEstate
  140. Buvaneswara www.avsmtm.comServices
  141. Modern Computer Center www.jahirfeni.blogspot.comServices
  142. Rich Business System Ltd www.myrichbd.comServices
  143. Universal Solutions www.usindia.webs.comServices
  144. Saral Services www.saralservices.comTelecommunications/ISP
  145. IES Marketing PVT. LTD. www.purensuremoney.comTraining/Self Improvement
  146. Jasmind www.jasmind.netTraining/Self Improvement
  147. Forever Leisure and Vacations Inwww.foreverholidays.inTravel/Vacation/Timeshare
  148. Namaskar Concepts India www.namaskarconceptsindia.coTravel/Vacation/Timeshare
  149. Vinanza Marketing India www.vinanza.netTravel/Vacation/Timeshare
  150. Green Prithvi Farming Pvt. Ltd. www.greenprithvi.comUnspecified
  151. Bizarre www.bizabizgroup.comUtilities
  152. MLMDOOR www.mlmdoor.comUtilities
  153. Wealth Key Distributors Pvt Ltd www.dhanindia.comUtilities
  154. Signoraware
  155. Trimurtiics

In case we have missed any MLM company then add that in comment section.

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