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Ram Survey under police raid at Varanasi-Uttar Pradesh

NEWS: Ram Survey, new mlm player after Speak Asia, has come under police raid at many places in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Some even say that Ram Survey is a copy of Speak Asia Online. Now many survey concepts are in the market to capture business through MLM route. Few years back, there were non-working or growth plans, people in those plans lost money to the tune of hundreds of crores. Kanaka Dhara was first among those plans. Our suggestion to you is that put your money carefully, if you like taking risk, at least do not risk other’s money.




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Online Business investor lost sleep

Varanasi (Senb). Mirzapur police raid on an online business company called Ram Survey associated with this kind of investor has blown sleep. Know that so many companies investing their money in various city has people. Investors suspect that the majority of such companies providing online business customers by offering them good money by charging hefty earnings Palrohne are part. Fargiware the game to the curb when police raided his then found out that Ram Survey Datkaam company after his receipt of money from many customers did not. Customers on the phone not being given proper information they had. Investors to look into complaints of irregularities of the company was raided. Investors are aware of it his own city – with respect to companies in their companies have started to take necessary information.

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