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Why MLM Scam happens, because we let it happen

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Gandhian Anna Hazare, was on fast for 4 days, he did something, which most questioned, as it looked impossible, government agreed to go on a draft on Lokpal bill with public and by now you must be aware what Lokpal bill is? Every news channel in India has been flashing updates about Anna Hazare’s protest at Jantar Mantar and how he made government bend. Let me tell you more, Anna Hazare is a modern day Gandhian follower. 78 years old man is leading the mission, where youngsters are his followers. You must be thinking, what is the relevance of MLM with the protest of Anna Hazare at Jantar Mantar.

Our country is bleeding with corruption and scams, right from top to bottom, from a peon to a minister, we are being hackled for minor things, and corruption is rampant, so in MLM. Here in Network Marketing, scams are coming in disguise. MLM Scams are just changing faces from time to time, and the one, who understands, just remains mum, reason, he does not want to focus on something which is negative and when finally an MLM scam is exposed. He is first one to give speech to people that he knew it, that it was a scam.  His wisdom words could have saved a poor man’s hard earned money, if had politely shared his views earlier.

“If knowledge is shared, it leads to value”

I’m not saying that you should defame an MLM company, just because you think so, before you express you thoughts, do your research on the company, and come up with points, that why such a business concept would fail in no time.

Network marketing is a wonderful industry only if we do it ethically and we also know that whenever we share our business opportunity with public, in their mind, they think it is going to be the next MLM scam. And they just look at you, but knowingly they are not even listening to you. People have lost faith and confidence on us.

Let us take a stand, whenever we come across any such information where people could be benefited. We will share it with others, now a wonderful medium is also available to us, social networking through internet like, Facebook, Orkut and many other countless sites.

The very first day MLMNewsBlog.com was started the main aim was to inform and make people aware at the earliest, so that many could be saved from scams. Network marketing is a business of helping each other not looting each other. We have regular subscribers to our website, which gets regular feed updates. If you get any news on MLM, good bad or ugly, do share with us. If we find it to be authentic and true after our research, then we will publish it our blog news section. Just email us at [email protected]

Let us take a stand together.

To Your Success in Business & Health in Life,

 Ak Sharma

You can reach me at [email protected] or connect with me on Facebook

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  • sir its an awesome news..many people who Oppose dis business will sure benefit sumthing and will develop  a positive frame of mind regarding this business….i am goin to promote dis on my facebook profile…jai hind jai sarso..