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Speak Asia in trouble after Star News Coverage

Written by Ak Sharma

MLMNewsBlog Editor

Have you ever played the game of falling down dominoes or a card game, where we make a pyramid. A slightest blow can destroy your game. If you plan to play it, be careful. Speak Asia, one of the most promising MLM company has been severely hit by the recent Star News Coverage. If you have seen Star News Coverage carefully, you will know that Star News has actually highlighted few things, like why the rate of dollar set at Rs.50 which goes against Foreign Exchange Management Act.( FEMA ) as per RBI regulation, ICICI Bank, Ing Vysy, Bata all are saying they are not associated with Speak Asia in any way. There are many other questions which are not answered properly by Speak Asia.

Some panelist of Speak Asia are saying that Star News covered this negative news because they them-self are running a survey business and Speak Asia was giving them tooth to nail competition. If you check that STAR PANEL website you will find that it is definitely a survey based but not based on MLM model. They don’t pay you for recommendation like in Network Marketing. If you join this panel you will find that you also have an option to donate your earning to any of the NGO of your choice for the humanitarian cause.

Today we heard that Speak Asia is planning to take legal action on Star News but when we checked their website we did not find any such letter on the website which some proud Speak Asian are posting on social networking websites like Facebook, Orkut etc.,One more new update from Speak Asian is that company by next week going to hold a joint press conference, where they will clarify everything. I hope they will send an invitation to Star News also, if this update is true.

WAIT & WATCH: Some Speak Asians have asked us that in such a hard time what should they do, our advice to those Speak Asians is that for some time, limit your activities and when you see that Speak Asia Online deliver answers with facts and figures then you can resume your activities. After all you are responsible to your downlines and new prospects. When you have these answers, new prospects will join you happily.


Speak Asia in trouble at Chhattisgarh-Raipur after Star News Coverage

Speak Asia in trouble at Chhattisgarh-Raipur

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