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Things to know before making money from online surveys firms

Written by Ak Sharma

May 09, 2011 11:34 PM |MLM News Blog Editor

Things to know before making money from online surveys firms.

By now someone must have shared that how easily one can make online income by just taking few online surveys, which pays you around Rs.900 a week. There is just one simple requirement to become panelists of these online survey companies and that is joining amount, which varies from company to company, minimum of Rs.3500 to Rs.11000. More money can be made by making other join under you. Not too long many investors lost money is investment plans. Some gullible people were promised that their hard-earned money was being invested into stock market, mutual funds, real estate, high return investment plans. Once the saturation comes in the business, they flew from the market. Rest everyone knows what happens.

We just want to caution people, if anyone ask you to join these survey based companies, just ask them about the guarantee of your investments, if company runs away.

Complete Story Covered by ET On Survey Based companies.


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  • Dear AK Why dont u also say that these cos are also offerring people a chance to do a biz with which they r making some money as well,apart from only doing surveys