Articles, most convenient way to access any blocked site

Written by Ak Sharma

Due to some reasons, here in India, under court orders, many sites are blocked by the Internet Service providers, in case if this is the scenario at your place. Then I have a solution to your problem, its free and secure.

There are many ways to do that.

Some use paid virtual private networks (VPN) to access these sites through proxies of other countries. Mostly these VPN services are paid. There are few free services but the advertisement shown by them are quite irritating. is free and secure and the most convenient way to access any site you want. It will serve two purpose. One, does not store your search terms in their servers logs, second by doing so, you are not going to share your search terms with any of the search engines. As you also know that these search engines use your cookies to serve your targeted ads based upon you search.

When you need to access a blocked site, just type in the words and when the results are shown, then simply click on – View by Ixquick Proxy and your work is done.

Second, is free and fast without any ad.

Do your share if it helps you.

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