All You need To Know About Vestige

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Vestige: An Overview

Company Name: Vestige
Type: Private
Industry: Multi Level Marketing
Founded: 2004
Founders: Gautam Bali, Kanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood
HQ : New Delhi, India
Products: Healthcare and Wellness Products

What is Vestige?
The purely Indian based MLM company, Vestige was founded in the year 2004. They are one top leading companies that work in the health and wellness sector.

The statistics collected from their website claims that there are almost 2,500 branches for them around the world.

The demand for their products has always remained increasing ever since they came to the network marketing field. And same is the case with the number of distributors also.

Adding more customers and distributors mean that their business is still on the expansion mode. The company was actually begun in India, but their products are also now a rage in the United States and other European countries.

Their major mission and vision include to empower the common people or even the rich ones to provide an opportunity to earn more income and thus be financially independent.

How Does Vestige Work?

Vestige also works in the same niche as that of the leading ones in the network marketing sector like Amway, Forever Living etc.

Some of the products provided by them include:

  • Health supplements
  • Air Purifiers
  • Ayurveda
  • Healthy Foods
  • Home Care Materials
  • Oral Care Items
  • Personal Care
  • Cosmetics and Skin Care Products
  • Men’s Grooming Items
  • Agricultural Products
  • Business Tools

One thing that you could notice is that they sell almost everything from A to Z. Vestige also makes use of technology like an MLM Software which helps in the smooth functioning of the company.

They also sell under the name of different brands which are owned by the same company. It’s also a really good marketing strategy. Almost every multi corporation giants work in the same format.

Some of their other brands include Ayusante, eberva, Invigo, Lite House, Zeta, Assure, Dentassure Agri82 etc.

Vestige Compensation Plan

To be eligible for the MLM compensation plans provided Vestige, one should actually sign up and thus become an authorized distributor of the Vestige Marketing Private Limited. Once you sign up, you will be eligible for their 4-Fold Bonus Marketing Plan, and you should also create a minimum sales volume of 350 per month.

And once you clear this checkpoint, you will be promoted as their permanent member and the materials you have spent for the business starters will be refunded to them after 1 month from the date of purchase.

Then you will be receiving your bonuses based on your overall performances on the criteria given below:

  • Retail Profit (10% to 20%)
  • Vestige Performance Bonus (accumulative *PV & **BV)
  • Vestige Director Bonus

    • Director – 600 BV, 2,000 PV
    • Silver Director – 600 BV, 1,801 PV
    • Gold Director – 600 BV, 1,501 PV
    • Star Director – 600 BV, 1,001 PV
    • Diamond Director – 600 BV, 501 PV
    • Crown Director – 600 BV, 0.5 PV
    • Universal Crown Director
    • Double Crown Director
    • Double Universal Director
  • Vestige Director Bonus
  • Vestige Leadership Bonus (15%, 28,816 BV)
  • Vestige Travel Fun (3%)
  • Vestige Car Fund (5%, 16,016 BV)
  • Vestige House Fund (3%)

*PV- Personal Volume  **BV- Business Volume

Vestige also provides travel fund bonus, car fund bonus and house fund bonus if you achieve the minimum required limit within a period of 3 months prior to the business executives evaluating their performances.

And once they verify the sales generated within the stipulated time, you will be provided with the above-mentioned bonuses with a lifetime guarantee.

So it will be your duty to maintain the minimum sales if you occupy the position of Director rank or beyond!

Pros and Cons of Vestige MLM Company


Some of the major advantages of opting for this network marketing company are listed out below:

  • Free membership

To join the Vestige MLM company it’s totally free. There is no fee to be an active member of this opportunity!

  • Diverse compensation plan

Vestige really follows a compensation structure that gives multiple ways to earn income for its distributors.

  • Diverse product line

Another added advantage include the variety of products that the company gives out to its customers. They produce and deliver almost everything a customer requires, and it opens up a possibility to sell the products on a regular basis.

  • Free training

Free training is provided by almost all MLM companies, but still, this could be cited as an advantage of this company. They also provide the necessary training materials like booklets, some sample products etc.

  • No demotion

If a distributor acquires a certain position, then even if his performance goes down, he/she won’t be degraded to a lower position.


  • The company won’t take full responsibility.

A major disadvantage of Vestige is that they don’t take responsibilities for various issues that the distributors normally have like that are based on refunds or product replacements. This really makes the lives of distributors hard at times.

  • Distributors face complaints alone

It’s the same thing that is almost mentioned in the above point. The distributors have to face all the complaints alone, that is the company does not undertake any responsibility.

  • Ineffective products

Certain customers have claimed that their products are not so effective as they market it out in the public domain.

  • No concrete plan for agri-products

They provide a lot of variety products and better compensation plans. But still they don’t have a real concrete plan for the agricultural-based products.

  • False promises

This cannot be cited as a disadvantage of the company alone. A major factor also includes the distributors. They sometimes make some false promises to their customers in order to sell the products. The company may not be knowing about this. But still, they should take steps to avoid such false promises made by the distributors.

Conclusion: Is Vestige a Scam or an Opportunity?

There are certain negative reviews roaming over the internet about Vestige and its policies. It’s definitely not a scam. The company is a legitimate one and the products are also genuine. And the main reason behind the negative reviews is the company’s policy of no responsibility with the various concerns that the distributors have like refunds and product replacements.

It’s a fact that every company follows certain rules and regulations and every distributor values that. But not many follow the policies like leaving the distributors alone in the battlefield.

For a MLM distributor to be successful, they need the backup and support of the firm very much, especially when they get negative feedback.

So it would be better if you can try out some other better opportunities provided by a lot of network marketing firms out there!

Vestige is a legitimate and genuine company, but if you are looking to make some steady or better additional income, it’s better not to take this risk.

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