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Kerala Crime Branch Investigation Team Decided to include AMWAY Distributors in the case

Kerala Crime Branch Investigation Team to be include AMWAY Distributors in the case
Written by Ak Sharma

Kozhikode: In the recent development  of Kerala Amway case the Crime Branch investigation team has decided to include the distributors of Amway.

The team who is investigating the case will file the report under money chain scheme business, where they say Amway violated the norms.

The Investigation team has also asked the Amway Delhi office to send them documents of money transfer which have taken place till date.

The Crime Branch team currently questioned around 100 distributors of Amway and charged 34 distributors in the case. In a feedback to the notice of the investigation received from the crime branch, the Amway authorities guaranteed, that they would submit documents required by the investigation team.

The probe team could produce 2 evidences against AMWAY. One will be the information of the bank account and the other will be the documents  received from  the Amway Delhi office. The crime branch investigating the case will submit the report in court after receiving both the documents.

On the other hand, the demand to ban site of Amway India has actually been kept aside. They fear that if the site is not banned, the cash chain market will continue operations.

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