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Amway India Post 20% growth in 2012

Postive Growth In Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Delhi & UP
Written by Ak Sharma

Amway India made a turnover of Rs 2288 crore for the fiscal year 2012 with growth of over 20 %.

In 2012 Amway did Rs 100 crore business from Gujarat, against Rs 85 crore in 2011 and Rs 67 crore in 2010.

Sandeep Prakash, Associate Vice Head of state, Amway India West stated, “The double-digit growth for the last 5 years is buoyed by the launch of products in health and beauty, penetration of items in semi urban and rural markets of the state and the remarkable effort put by the suppliers.”.

Currently Amway has 135 offices pan-India out of that, 50 % of Amway offices are in villages and cities. Amway is rising and getting optimistic results in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Delhi & UP.

It is expected that Amway’s first new Tamil Nadu facility to commence manufacturing by mid-2015 and the same would  cut its dependency on imports for premium Artistry brand of products. Currently India contributed total 5 % of company volumes in 2012, where as China provided near 35 %.

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