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QNet India Update: Mumbai Economic Offence Wing Freezes 45 Crore

QNet India Update Mumbai Economic Offence Wing Feezes 45 Crore
Written by Ak Sharma

Economic offences wing of Mumbai police froze 2 bank accounts that have Rs45 crore in balance of QNet. Meanwhile, the police custody of Manjunath Hegde, apprehended in the exact same case has actually been extended.

Economic offences wing (EOW) of Mumbai authorities, which is probing QNet has frozen two bank accounts related with the Hong Kong-based QNet, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. These savings account apparently have a balance of Rs45 crore. In addition, the authorities custody of Manjunath Hegde, apprehended in this alleged cheating case, has been extended.

Last week, EOW booked a case against QNet, when new distributor complaint against the company. Where police found out that QNet is  selling them plastic and glass items calling them amazing objects for treating serious conditions like Cancer.

The plaintiff, Gurupreet Singh Anand, a computer system consultant from Lokhandawala, Andheri mentioned that his spouse was duped for Rs30,000 by some individuals who had actually presented themselves as the independent representatives (IRs) of QNet. Anand told the police, “They (IRs) had actually stated that one of the bio-products my wife purchased could be utilized to treat my 12-year-old son’s brain related conditions.”.

The first details report (FIR) names five accused, consisting of QNet’s Hong Kong-based founder Vijay Eswaran, who is also the Executive Chairman of the QI Group. Some time back, he was also listed with interpol website. Where later on he was released without  any charge.

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