Hyderabad born Indian boy to become new ceo: microsoft

Satya-Nadella-Microsoft-CEO to publish

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Microsoft the legendary tech giant, who has given an arena type running device windows, appointed Satya nadella as its new chief executive officer on Tuesday.

After the founder Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, Nadella, 46yrs old, would be the third CEO of Microsoft.

In an effort to choose Nadella as CEO, the directors of Microsoft chosen an engineer and a company insider for 22yrs. Directors were considering some more candidates for this post like Ford’s Alan Mulally, Nokia’s Stephen Elop, Google’s Sundar Pichai and Motorola’s previous CEO Sanjay Jha, however directors found Nadella more suitable than others.

Microsoft also issued a statement that Bill Gates will dedicate more time to the company by aiding Nadella in shaping technology and product route.

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