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Keep your Money Safe: Avoid money traps and MLM schemes

Keep your Money Safe Avoid money traps and MLM schemes
Written by Randhir Kumar

Chain-money schemes like Saradha are flourishing in our country. Countless crores have been lost in this manner. But these schemes aren’t the only danger. There are internet-based scams, phishing scams, identity theft, job scams, and much else you could be fooled by. Sucheta Dalal briefed participants on all this and more during an informative two-hour seminar.


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  • How much you have lost you baby? You have said about the money lost in “MLM scams” and now tell us what is the amount of money lost by the public in banks and Stock trading so that there is a balancing act. Otherwise this reporting is just like a moron’s crying who lost to the chimps and crying to the lions.