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Amway India Launches New Range Of Hair Care

Amway India Launches New Range Of Hair Care
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Amway products are trusted and used by people all over the world. Day by day Amway increases its product by adding new flavor of beauty care, hair care and hair styling products .There are various hair product produced by Amway but seeing the present scenario Amway has expanded its hair care and hair styling products under the brand Satinique.The poster and covers of products has come up with new looks, illustrations and info-graphics. The products also consists of nutrients and botanicals which act as a key booster in repairing our hairs.

 Re-launch of products in new form are as follows-:

  • Salon Finish Shampoo: Ladies are general found in parlor to get a finishing touch in their hairs. So, Amway  has newly launched a shampoo which not only balances growth of your hair but also tries to give an attractive look to one’s hair.
  • Glossy Repair Conditioner: Glossy repair conditioner is to be applied for two to three minutes after shampooing your hair. This conditioner makes your hair dazzle like never before.
  • Revitalizing Masque: The revitalizing masque helps to recover dullest hair into glossy one and brings lustre and brightness in your hair.
  • Scalp Tonic: This tonic key function is to make one’s hair look more healthy as it stops the negative action of bacteria in scalp and it also acts as a rehydrating toner for hair.
  • A Styling Gel: The styling gel consists of non-flaking formula which helps to increase the shine and volume of the hair.

Sandip Prakash interacted with media saying that demand of hair care in Indian Market is around 11000 to 12000 crores ad it keeps growing in high numbers in India. He also mentioned that” these new products like shampoos , conditioner masque and tonics are as powerful as salon products and gives a new strength to one’s hair”. The new range of products cover are given a glossy and attractive color. The products have come up with new fragrance and botanicals which helps to re-energize our hair.

What’s new?

According to Mr. Sandip Prakash all the hair products like shampoo; conditioner, revitalizer etc. are made of energy boosters technology which includes lipids, ceramide and amino acids.Ceramides helps to repair our hairs from tip to end and amino acid helps to reduce negative charges present in one’s scalp that helps to maintain naturality of hair .As Amway has expanded its hair care range so it provides few Satinique Collection.

Satinique Collection-:

  • Treatment Collection: It treats one’s hair gently, repairs and renovate by giving complete care and treatment to our hair.
  • Care Collection: This collection helps to maintains a proper balance between hair ,scalp and hair nutrients .The care collection helps to moisturize essential parts of hair and also repairs damage prone hairs.
  • Style Collection: This collection helps to give a stylish look to one’s hair and also enriches one’s hair through the process of styling.
  • Product Recommender: The product recommender helps to choose the particular and perfect product suitable for one’s hair.

Thus, the new launch of product by Amway helps to energize one’s hair with more nutrients and botanicals. Especially girls and women who are fond of long and thick hair can come up with their dreams true because Amway hair range provides products for every type of hair and scalp.

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