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Direct Selling Industry – A sigh of relief for unemployment

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Key Highlights

  • Make in India initiative to become an important tool for improving the unemployment ratio

  • Direct Selling Industry an important source of self-employment

India stands at a fragile yet deciding stage today. Decisions taken for the improvement of the situations now will have a direct impact on the future. If our nation has to progress, there is a great need to create enough jobs for every youth . In such a time ,”Skill India” which aims at providing more employment has stricken the right cords.

We cannot ignore the importance of skilled worked force. Thus the industries are trying to put conscious efforts to add value to the skills of their resources.

The scheme “Make in India” aims at making India into a global design and manufacturing hub. It is encouraging Indian manufacturers to invest more across various sectors. This is creating many employment opportunities in the country.

Why is Direct Selling the answer for unemployment?

Amit Chadha, Indian Direct Selling Association, believes that one of the biggest challenges for the Indian Government is unemployment. The government is striving to create more sources of employment. But It is an issue that will need time. It will also need a joint effort of the Indian government and industries in different sectors. Only then the ratio of unemployment will improve over a period of time.

He further added that for past 20 years direct selling has played an important role in creating employment in India . There are no specific criteria to become a Direct Seller. Anyone can become a part of  this industry and start earning a livelihood.

Talking about the opportunity direct selling industry provides, he further said, that the industry has gained popularity in the last two decades and reached to every corner of the country. In 2014-15 alone, it has created close to about 40 lakhs self-employed people in India. This number is only expected to growth further.

Every year, thousands of youth graduate with the hope of a bright future. But the slow growth of the business has affected the employment generation in the country.

In such case, direct selling industry alone has shown a continuous and steady growth. It has been pushing all limits towards growth.

Direct Selling a boon for an Economy

Chadha believes that this industry has helped in shaping the career of millions of Indians, both skilled and unskilled. He adds that the training and the leadership skills acquired from this industry transforms a common man into a true leader. These leaders further mentor many people like him, helping them become a part of the mainstream.

Chadha further said, “What is significant is the fact that many of the successful Direct Sellers are now helping other people to set up their businesses.” He added, “it is a people’s business, where one helps the other; resulting in building the nation.”

One of the main magnetism of direct selling industry is its flexibility of working hours. Here people work at their own spare time, without being bound to a 9 to 6 scheduled routine. Many people join direct selling for the extra earning opportunity besides their regular source of income.

Direct Selling is a flourishing industry, a boon for an economy and definitely, generates employment and a better future. It improves the confidence of the individuals involved, thereby leading both the industry and the individual, towards a growth curve. One can start and manage his own business and generate a decent income with a minimal expense.

Keeping all this in view Chadha asserted, “The need of the hour is to give a boost to an Industry like Direct Selling that has a socio-economic impact to the lives of many. Not only it generates employment, as a result, the Industry also empowers its workforce with skill, knowledge, power to express, improving interpersonal skills and above all, lead a life of a ‘leader, inspiring other to replicate their success”.

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