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  • Also include Just In deal Trading (OPC) Private Limited company as fraud company who duped many people by promising huge profits. Already FIR raised from different customers.

  • Greetings,

    I’m Roy, a Marketing Director at It Rate.

    I’ve noticed a few guest articles at your site so I decided to ask do you still accept guest submissions? I’m an expert in marketing area and I will deliver a great content in marketing niche (product marketing, website promotion, lead generation, etc). Among my skills are:

    1. 7+years of experience and two years managing a high-performing team;
    2. Strong people, project and program management skills;
    3. Experience managing an analytical marketing area (e.g., online, SEO);
    4. Experience in building and managing a growing consumer and physician brand
    5. Creation of effective messaging strategies and tell compelling stories about products and company to any audience -customers, internal team, or industry at large;
    6. Thrive working in a fast-paced, hands-on startup environment;
    7. Exceptional writing, communication, and content authoring skills;
    8. Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills;
    9. Ability to manage multiple projects on tight deadlines;
    10. BA/BS degree in business, marketing;
    11. etc.

    Even if you are not interested, please, send at least simple “Hi!” in response to this message – I’d still be happy to communicate with you.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Kind Regards,

  • Green Glory company is almost like a MLM system. .where we are told to join people and send the money to unlined.

    Please advise me whether I can join in it

  • Hey, are you interested in monetizing your website? We are building links for a client of ours and prepared to offer you good money for a simple link insertion.

    If you are new to this business, we can explain everything in more detail. If you know what we are talking about just name your price. Our preferred payment method is PayPal.

    Many Thanks,

  • getting numerous calls about software refunds. All different phone numbers, same thing. They say I have a refund coming to me that I know I don’t have. Claimed they are from Quantum Technologies. Have at least 8 different numbers. We need to stop this stuff. I was scammed twice. Once on phone and one online.

  • Gooclub stores is a scam site, LOOTIN G money from international buyers, don’t send the ordered tools and on top of it fooling around with tracking number and activities, and for buyers closing the case with items delivery to front Door, which is absolutely rubbish

  • are operating on Facebook with a crypto currency trader named Alex Kelly , beware they are a SCAM

  • Helloy! Here is your few scamming company : Bugscom Limited, Deeja Limited, ITCOMPUTES, Aleena.electronics, ASHTEAD

  • Hello,

    This is regarding my complain againts Network marketing company called Viva auysh who sells Water purifier and Health products. I came in contact with them from my freind who had taken membership in this company by paying a sum of 150000, there main funda is to get more and more people to take agency and once that is done they search for othother members, they are least bothered about selling the products.

    They conduct seminars and workshop but the payment is taken from the members who visit them the amount may differ from rs 3000 to 2000 but in the workshop they just give information regarding how to brainwash other people and make them fall under this pit there top leaders work in a type of dictatorship and teel us to blindly follow them and advise on how to brain wash people they are least bothored about there products.

    they tell you to buy cars just to showcase others inspite not earning themseld, they tell you top take a loan, some persons have even taken loans up to 4 lacks only becaus of the sheer pressue of the leadership. in the workshop they tell that some of them have even earned crores of rupees with in a duration of six months some of them have even left there well setteled job for this.

    This is because there managemnet advices this which i am a witnees to.

    This can hamper a lot of people and there lives.

    Ther CEO name is Vijay gund

    and the main operation from khopoli to tahne is run by a perosn called sunny pagare

    Also to add thes they try to attracet people from rural areas wher employment rate is low.

    Kindly have a serious look ito this matter.

    Please do get back to us if any other infromation is needed.

  • Is there any company in India in the name of My recharge what is the MLM rank and what is their product ?

  • MMMINDIA–This a fraud Site.Kindly do not invest any money on this Site.We were told that if we invest money in it, it would double in some time. Of course it doubled but it never came back. Out of the 1lac twenty thousand that we invested in it we hardly got 3000 out of it. They made us put many advertisements saying that if you do these tasks then only you would get your money.All these nonsense they did’nt tell initially or who has time to do all these stupid tasks and waste time.Rather we would do hard work and earn Money. I would request you all that instead of putting money in MMMINDIA, it would be better that you give money to some poor people as charity, as this money would never come back to you. So be aware of MMMINDIA.Its a total fraud site.Don’t fall prey to such things as we fell, we have learnt a lesson from our bitter experience

    Thanks and Regards,
    Simina Somshetti
    Rishikesh Somshetti

  • Is there any company in India in the name of My recharge what is the MLM rank and what is their product ?