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  • i am with this system and i really feel that banking system is a real pyramid system of rolling publics money at a higher rate of interest. I feel why not the public roll their money to collegues ( for me it looks like a chit fund where a group of people is coming together -pooling the money and one person get the entire money on that perticular month ) and this happens every month.
    Long Live MMM India

  • he is a very honest person in world i 200% trust sergy maryodi .no jimmiks .no frarud this is only pure helping platform for each other iam trusted

  • Long Live MMM!!!
    Most of the news about Mr. Sergey Mavrodi is on bases of lie.
    I have chated most of the participants of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Egypt the participants are very much proud of MMM. Its Rocking around the world.
    Jai MMM!

  • The biggest scam is any goverment of the world which cannot provide 2 times meals to its citizen . stock market is scam- recuritment in Govt jobs is a scam-winning election is a scam . we are surrounded with scams, scams and scams . All is scam untill its busted. so movrodians be happy we are in the worlds famous scams where all will help each other to feed themselves. LONG LIVE MmM

    • Jai ho MMM, I am not the member of MMM yet becouse I am not able to collect 5000 rupees so far. once I will able to get 5000, i will join on that day. kyo ki GAREEBI bahut kutti cheez hoti hai dosto.

  • long live mmmindia sergei sir you are the best person in the world…we also want be like you …..jai ho