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Questions and answers on Facebook, how it can help you in MLM

Written by Ak Sharma
Questions and answers on Facebook, how it can help you in MLM
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Facebook has started a new feature where you can ask questions to your friends, it could be an advice, some suggestion, or you can ask for a new restaurant at in the town. This new interactive feature has something for everyone.

The moment I came across this feature, I too asked some questions to friends. Not only my friends but my friend’s pals in their list also participated. This feature is not private, anyone can see and answer, so be careful. The question is how it could be useful to you in network marketing.

Please do not bombard your friends with questions, ask them some relevant and to the point questions. Getting back to the point, networking had been a business of exchanging view and ideas. Ask your Facebook friends about like which plan is the best and why they are attracted to that plan, for how they have been into MLM Industry etc…

Have fun with Questions and answers at Facebook!

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