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CEO Manoj Kumar & COO Tarak Bajpai’s video message to Speak Asians

Written by Ak Sharma

The new CEO Monoj Kumar & COO Tarak Bajpai have given a video message to fellow Speak Asians that in this hour of difficulty don’t get misguided by media and the news. COO Tarak Bajpai’s video message have requested to all the panelist, that whereever they are sharing this wonderful business opportunity, do not use this word, ‘Investment’.

New CEO Monoj Kumar, during the video message shared with other Speak Asians that when the news of Speak Asia settels down, then he will be on all India tour to meet as many Speak Asians as possible.

Both CEO & COO have asked Speak Asians to maintain peace & wherever possible reply calmly to people who are raising questions on Speak Asia Online.

Here are the video messages of CEO Manoj Kumar & COO Tarak Bajpai.

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  •  Bilkul sahi Amit Bhai. If its a genuine company then why someone has to pay for registration. If the company is getting paid for surveys, and it pays its panelists Rs. 1000/- per survey, that means they are getting more than Rs.1000/-. You people ask company to free the membership charge and pay Rs. 700/- per survey. If the payment structure of company is genuine and transparent (and not a money circulation just like investment plans) then they would earn a lot more profit by giving the membership free of cost and paying some lesser amount for survey. I think they wont do it because its a new trend, sorry i should say mis trend for duping costumers in the name of surveys and data collection. Already so ethical and sacred industry (network marketing) is being scandalised and defamed by such companies. The government should ban all these nonsense.

    • All network marketing biz shud b banned in india….all r money circulation schemes. nothing is genuine…Some companies charge heavily and give products of 5% cost in return to customers, and thn pay to them if they bring 2 ppl in ther line. thats foolish business as well… me to bakra bana hun 2 aur log bhi mere sath bano aur muje mere paise dilao!!! so stupid business trend….Govt. shud ban this also. 

  •  Ye sub public ka hi paisa public ko de rahe hain agar himmat hai to speak asia me agle 5 se saat mahino tak koi joining mat do fir dekhna company aapko paisa kabhi nahi degi. ek lambe time se aisi company aayi or aakar chali gayi or public apna paisa duba gayi. agara dimaag hai to apne paise k saat mat khelo paisa bahut mehnat se milta hai. agar company aapki opinion k hi paisi deti hai to company charge kyun le rahi hai. bagair charges k bhi to opinion di ja sakti hai. aapki HARAN KAUR jo asal me HARENDER KAUR hai ek FRAUD ledi hai saara punjab jaanta hai usne pehle bhi india k logo ko bewakoof banakar accha paisa eran kiya hai. usne ye panchvi baar koi nayi company khol kar logo ko bewakoof banane ka kaam kiya hai. main PUNJAB me reh chuka hun or iske baare me jaanta hun. agar akal hai to paisa mat lagao baaki GOD BLESS YOU………. Kyunki mehnat aakhikar mehnat hoti hai……