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Learn the art of handling No in Network Marketing

Written by Ak Sharma

Learn the art of handling No in Network Marketing & why it is important.

Why again & again, it is said to every professional Networker to learn the art of handling “NO Business” in multi level marketing. In a research some facts came out that 67% of prospective buyers that tell you “no” today will be ready to buy in the next 12 months,
80% of leads you consider to be “dead” will buy within the next 2 years. It proves that a prospect is never dead for you. Either today or tomorrow, he or she will say yes at some point of time. This can happen only when you stick to roots & keep moving forward with new people.

Have you ever seen a sales person knocking your door, of-course you must have. He has been doing that from past many days months & years but at some point, you end up buying something from him. His consistency and skills improved with time. He actually learned the art of handling “No”. This time when you see the same sales person knocking your door, do talk to him. I bet you will learn something from him, after all every person has something to offer.

Consistent follow-up and nurture marketing ensures that you stay in front of all your prospects until they are ready to get started.

Keep few things in mind, when you are talk to a prospect, never try to sell anything, nobody likes to get sold. People love, when information is shared. Your focus should be clear & sharp. Try to close the prospect within 72 hours otherwise leave it and try it after a week and then after a month. After the call make sure, make them talk to your successful upline. It will do wonder for you.

To Your Success in Business & Health in Life,

 Ak Sharma
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