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Speak Asians in high moral after recent meet at Talkotara Stadium

Written by Ak Sharma

New Delhi,

Now things have started working in Speak Asia’s favour,  Mr. Tarak Bajpai COO (India) at Talkotara Stadium has given a clear message to their panelist that they are not going to run away and soon under the flagship of parent company Speak Asia, three new sister concern companies will be launched in India. All three companies will be connected with each-other, the panelist will be given an option to avail and buy different services through these sister concern companies. Mr. Tarak Bajpai COO during the address informed that all will be done through Speak Asia’s website from e-wallet.

Talkotara Stadium address has boosted the morale of investors of Speak Asia, Mr. Tarak Bajpai, COO, made it clear that there is no need to introduce new people to Speak Asia, after every successful survey they can ask for withdraw of funds from e-wallet and within few days money will be transferred into panelist’s bank account.

All operations will take some time to get back in form. He also insisted that new companies will open new earning opportunities for the present panelist. All the government agencies like RBI, MCA and SEBI, who were investigating Speak Asia have made it clear that they could not start any action against the company because it is not registered in India.

The progress graph of Speak Asia in one year’s time have raised many questions, not only in people’s mind but also for many MLM companies in India. Some distributors from other MLM have shared with us that the growth of many MLM have slowed in the past due to Speak Asia’s phenomenal success.

Our advice: As the things have started working in Speak Asia’s favour, which is definitely a good news the investors, but the moment request for cash is opened by the company, just simply withdraw your all survey money from e-wallet and when you see Speak Asia has build confidence in you not with words but with actions on the ground then you can refer new people.


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  • What action Govt. is taking for Indian registered co. ARYARUP TOURISM & CLUB RESORTS (ATCR) & IMAGES LIFESTYLE Pvt. Ltd. case is going on since 2010 in EOW after one year attaching co.’s real estate property & bank balances to Mumbai High Court worth crores of Rs. CMD RAVINDRA DESHMUKH & VASUDHA DESHMUKH are freely living in India not punished by the court of law for cheating almost Rs.2000 crores from Indians. Now the case is with CID no action is being taken. To transfer the case from CID to CBI atleast 6 months passed by HC. but order is still not recd. by CID & every step is taking very long time. last 3 years all its investors are going through hell. What a shame to our authorities who are not taking any stern action and thousands/ lakhs of cases are pending without any solution/action.