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Mumbai Police arrests Speak Asia COO Tarak Bajpai

Written by Ak Sharma
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The economic offences wing of Mumbai Police’s crime branch has arrested the chief operating officer (COO) of Speak Asia Online, Tarak Bajpai.

Bajpai was arrested and taken into custody by the crime branch officials in Indore around 2 am on Friday and was taken to Mumbai for further investigation.

When he was taken by the police, Bajpai said, “I am going for a small investigation and the matter will be clear soon”.

After the arrest there was a pop-up on the website:-

More people will be called upon for the investigation, the next person who will fall on the lines from the top management will be CEO Mr.Manoj Kumar.

Already investigative agencies are looking into the case of Speak Asia, where Speak Asia would be inspected under Section 591 of the Companies Act, which is applicable on companies incorporated outside India and that have established a place of business within the country.

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