In India MonaVie planning to invest 100 crores

Written by Ak Sharma

MonaVie, a US-based direct selling company, is preparing to spend Rs 100 crore in manufacturing nutritional energy drinks in India, stated Raj Lingam, president for South Asia of the business.

Presently, Kerala is the greatest market for MonaVie, said Lingam. “Twenty per cent of our profits is produced from the state,” he shared. The Indian arm of the company, headquartered in Chennai, has actually established a network of 1.5 lakh suppliers, 12 business workplaces and 150 distribution centres. “The business is fast expanding in the north, north-east and Tamil Nadu markets,” Lingam stated.

Sajiv Nair, a distributor, stated apart from anti-oxidant concentrate drinks, the company is marketing soya protein supplement, oats meal and products for weight management. “With the Rs 100 crore financial investment, it will certainly have the ability to make all its items in India,” he said.

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